Liz Ruderman Miller…artist/writer

(pash -uh n)- any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling

Passion has driven me to pursue two creative paths in my life – writing and photography. I am a published author of my first book, “How Will I Know Where I’m Going, If I Don’t Know Where I’ve Been?” and I am currently working on my second offering.

About the time I moved the beautiful Central Coast of California, I purchased my first Android cell phone with a camera. Little did I know that these two decisions would lead me to a new fascination and enjoyment – photography.

With the enthusiasm and good advice of friends and fellow artists, I began to sharpen my eye and find beauty and excitement where ever I looked. I am learning to see the world around me with ‘new eyes.’

I, now, share my bright colors, abstracts, florals, black & whites and everything sky with you. I hope you will appreciate my artistic eye and the passion I share in my photographs as much as I enjoy creating them.